US Gets Series 3 First? Say What?!

I don't know how this LEGO centric blog slipped through my net of informants until now, but BrickPOP is reporting they just bought several cases of the Series 3 Collectible Minifigures at a Fred Meyer in Seatlle, WA. Not only that, they got them all for 25% off with a coupon! Don't believe me? Here's a pic of Hillel Cooperman with the goods.

Perhaps LEGO heard the cries of US consumers about getting Series 3 at the same time as the rest of the world. I just can't believe we beat Europe to the punch.

(Via Brickset and BrickPOP)


  1. 12 boxes of minifigs? What a jerk. Way to ruin it for everyone else.

  2. I think it was actually 11. Feels good man.

  3. If you look at the blog's last entry, it was created last week. Could be the reason why you missed it.

    The figures are also up for sale on ebay now according to toysnbricks

  4. ..I thought they are not to come out until January 2011...?

  5. @ Angeli - You are right, this is the official release date; however, as with previous series they often get released before that date. My surprise is that it happened in the US and not Europe, as that has been the case with the previous two series.