Update: Glued Magnet Sets

One of our readers posted this in the comments section of the original post. Thanks to Daz Hoo for the additional information...

Patrick Bégin, a LEGO Ambassador representing QuéLUG, got official word from LEGO on this subject :

"All Extended Line minifigure magnet sets will as of Jan 1st 2011 be glued.

Based on new requirements, the magnet base and the minifigures will have to be permanently fixed together on LEGO Star Wars magnet sets.

To ensure a consistent consumer experience across all LEGO minifigure magnet sets we have chosen to permanently fix the minifigure to the magnet base on all magnet sets moving forward from Jan 1st 2011 (incl. Pharaoh’s Quest launching Dec 1st). This decision has been carefully considered and was not taken easily as we know that many consumers will obviously not like this change."

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