Toys R Us has Stormtrooper Polybags (US)

FBTB.net is reporting that Toys R Us stores in the US are starting to sell LEGO Star Wars set 300005, Imperial Speeder Bike, for $3.99 USD. Formerly a UK Daily Mirror exclusive, you now have the opportunity to pick some up and add to your stormtrooper armies. 

Right now on BrickLink the lowest list price for these minfigs is hovering around this price if not a little higher. The Toys R Us offer may be more economical, given that you get a small contingent of bricks to accompany your fig. Take into consideration, however, that BrickLink store owners may also be buying these up, increasing supply, and driving down prices. Although not a guarantee, you may see prices go down on BrickLink in the near future. Either way, good news for the Emperor to boost his LEGO armies!

(Via FBTB.net)

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