Quick Hits: Redeye Edition

So I'm finally back from my work trip and, man, did a few things happen while I was away. Let's get to it...

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean becomes even more of a reality as Disney Interactive and Traveler's Tales announced a video game based on the property will be released in May 2011. I would expect more set and minifigure news to appear around Toy Fair season in the coming months. Although financials on LEGO Harry Potter haven't been shared, the video game, LEGO sets, movie combination may be here to stay. Check out FBTB.net for more information. (UPDATE: TLG has also announced 8 sets for the line-up debuting in Spring 2011).

Also on FBTB, there's a contest in conjunction with TLG to submit your most wanted LEGO Star Wars minifigures. Now this isn't a 'who is your favorite' list, this is a 'who would you like to see' kinda thing. FBTB provides the e-mail  and other instructions for how to send your list. A select few, 10 people to be exact, will win White Boba Fetts for their participation. Here's the link for more details.

Thanks to one of our readers, Nathan, we have more details on the Series 3 Collectible Minifigures. Nathan was able to pick up a few of these at a Washington (state) Fred Meyer and provided some additional details for the Samurai, Snowboarder, Gorilla Suit, and Tribal Chief. Check out the comments for each entry in the guide for more details. I'll be updating those entries shortly. Also BrickPOP posted pics of the green Series 3 package. It's official - no secondary bar codes. You can also read Hillel Cooperman's colorful unboxing of his Series 3 minifigures on the site. The box ratios (rare, uncommon, and common) are all there too!

Mr. Will Chapman and fine folks at BrickArms released their WWII German soldier minifigs: Johann, Wilhem, and Fritz. Each fig retails for $20 and comes with a minifig stand, collector card, and great BrickArms accessories. You can check them out on the BrickArms site. Also for this month...winter camo freebies!

Arealight announced recently that starting November 25th, they will have the new sci-fi helmets in three new colors - Tan, Red, and Blue. The scooters shown in the pics? Those can be purchased now from BrickForge.

If you've checked out our customization tutorials page, you will have likely seen the name 'Lamanda2'. Well this female, customizer has several lots of hand painted goblin heads in tan and green for sale. You can check them out and negotiate a deal on her Flickr page.

Apologies for the lack of pics. If you can't find something, just shoot me a message and let me know.

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