Quick Hits: Pharaoh's Quest, Collectible Figs, and Custom House News

A few bits and pieces heading into the weekend...

Forum members at Toys N Bricks are starting to see LEGO Pharaoh's Quest showing up at Toys R Us stores in the US. Seems a bit early, and perhaps the store in question let these loose before they should, but it might mean you'll have the opportunity to score some before the new year. No news, however, on NinjaGo, which I would also expect to start showing up on shelves before too long.

Toys N Bricks is also stating that the Series 2 Collectible Minifigures are now sold out...which is to say that LEGO has likely sold out of their inventory. I saw several cases at a local Borders, but at $3.99 a pop I don't see these moving too fast. These are still out there in the wild if you look. If you can find them for MSRP, then you are lucky indeed. It definitely seemed as if TLG upped the amount of product in the US compared to Series 1, a trend that is likely to continue with Series 3.

BrickForge now has t-shirts for sale at their store. All black tees featuring the BrickForge logo blazing in six colors of glory. 4 adult and 2 kids sizes. Throw one in the cart after picking up some of their new products released earlier this week.

Tan hairpieces have been added to the BrickTW BrickLink store. Although I believe additional colors will be for sale, this now marks the launch of the full line-up of armor, weapons, and hairpieces. Also, BrickTW has several sets of their previous line on clearance. Snatch some of their earlier product up at discount prices. These packs give you a wide assortment of their goods to play with. Having reviewed these products in the past, I can say these are a recommended buy.

That's all for now, citizens. Potentially a lot more coming this weekend. We shall strive to keep you informed, as it happens...

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