Quick Hits: On the Road Again

I've been traveling over the past few days, so posts are a little erratic. True to form, Tuesday had a lot of news to offer...

It sounds like LEGO bricks-and-mortar stores are now getting in the 2011 non-licensed sets. Reported by Toys N Bricks, I don't know if these are full set line ups or just a select few. I know last year it was just a subset of the full line. Either way, give your local LEGO store a call and see what they have in.

It would seem that 'tommy gun' element I noticed on the LEGO Pharaoh's Quest minisite is a reality. Marianne posted pics of set 7307, Flying Mummy Attack, which showed two of them attached to the biplane model. Some great new elements with this set as well, including the mummy wings, Horus-themed headgear, and of course the new figs. If the report above is true, then you might be able to head on down to the LEGO store and pick one up soon. Picture from Marianne's Model Building Secrets Blog.

Bricks Down Under is reporting that Aussie fans can potentially win an entire set of the Series 1 LEGO Collectible Minifigures just by signing up for Mini Brick Toys mailing list. The winner will be announced this Sunday, so hurry on over and sign up.

BrickArms posted this pic showing a pile of custom of Winter and Heer Soldier minifig torsos. Will promises that these will be available 'soon'.

JasBrick posted this wonderful custom Clone Commando yesterday. Jas painted the visor on the Arealight helmet and digitally 'tweaked' it to make it glow. Although the glowing effect was added in, I'm amazed at how he gives you a sense of depth to the visor. It almost looks like the visor has been cut into the piece. The Arealight helmets are popping up all over Flickr these days, showing the popularity of these pieces.

Customizer Julian Fong (AKA levork) is donating a whole series of his DC Super Hero minifigs to the 2010 Creations for Charity. This means you have an opportunity to get one of these great figs and helep out a worthy cause at the same time. At last count, the fundraiser has earned over $5,000 for Toys for Tots. A strong showing for the entire LEGO community and minifig customizers.

That's all for now, Minifig Nation. More news when I can. Also, don't forget to check the Flickr Favorites page periodically. I'm constantly updating this with new finds from Flickr everyday, traveling or not.

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