Product Review - Arealight Mando Helmet and Jet Pack

Today we will be covering the new Mando Helmet and jet pack release from custom house Arealight. Although not referenced directly, these designs are based off of the Star Wars Mandalorian armor, famously worn by Jango and Boba Fett.

The first item is the Mando Helmet which is inspired by helmets worn by many Mandalorian knights and merciless bounty hunters. Although the overall design has changed through the ages, all Mandalorian  helmet designs are distinctive through the use of a ‘t-visor’ on the helmet.

Arealight Mando Helmet (Silver)
The item is shown here in sliver with a cut out for the t-visor. The picture was taken using a black minifigure head with no print (not included) underneath, creating the ‘visor’ effect. There are also two holes on each side for accessories to be added. The item is made of ABS plastic and has a good connection to the minifigure head. This helmet is available in black, white, sand green, and silver.

Arealight Jet Pack Set with and without Warhead (Silver)
What bounty hunter’s arsenal would be complete without a jet pack? The Arealight jet pack is modeled after the Mitrinomon Z-6 Jetpack worn by Jango and Boba Fett.The jet pack set comes with a base element that attaches to the minifigure via the head post and has a small hole at the top of the pack. A ‘warhead’ comes with each set that fits into that hole. You receive a ‘warhead’ of the same color when you purchase the jet pack; however, you can buy them separately in different colors for further customization. The jet pack is made of ABS plastic and fits firmly against the minifigure torso. The jet packs and warheads are available in black, white, sand green, and silver.

Rocket Accessory with Jet Pack (Black)

In addition to the warhead, there is a rocket accessory that can be purchased separately for the jet pack. Measuring 1.6 cm in total length (1 cm of the rocket will show when inserted), it fits firmly into the hole at the top of the main piece. Even with the rocket accessory in place, there is plenty of clearance for the Mando helmet. The part is made of ABS plastic and comes in the four main colors mentioned above.

There are a few important notes regarding official LEGO accessories. I had an antenna/rangefinder that came with the 2010 Slave I set. I found that the LEGO part did work with the Mando helmet. This was nice as Arealight currently does not sell an antenna/rangefinder for this piece. Another nice touch is that the LEGO flames will attach to the nozzles at the bottom of the jet pack. Tight connections insure that the flames will not fall out during display or play time.

These are phenomenal pieces and are highly recommended buys. ABS quality with good connections and fantastic details that are ready for custom paint and decal treatments. Although some may balk at the lack of print, this allows one to customize these pieces to their own specifications or to take them outside of the Star Wars universe entirely.

Additional Stats
Custom House: Arealight Customs
Location: Taiwan
International Shipping?: Yes (see store for details)
Colors Available: Black, White, Sand Green, and Silver
Retail Prices: Jet Pack Set ($2.50 USD), Extra Warheads ($0.30 USD), Rockets ($0.50 USD)

The reference pictures and background information were taken from Wookieepedia

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  1. I think the mando helmet created by the LEGO is much more accurate, but the jetpack pieces are very nice.