NinjaGo and Pharaoh's Quest Minifigures Revealed?

Toys N Bricks is claiming to have an official pic of a new NinjaGo minifigure. Calling it a 'farmer', I think of it more as a 'wandering sage'. If this picture is from TLG (didn't see a link back to LEGO), then I'm liking the new hat and beard. They extend the official Asian elements nicely. 

If you are interested, the NinjaGo minisite has been updated with new content too.

Pharaoh's Quest, not to be outdone, is showing some potential pics of minifigs too. Pics of Professor Archibald and Jake Raines, two of the human adventurers, appear in the interactive journal on the microsite. Jake seems to be waiving around a new 'tommy gun' element. There's even a pic of one of the mummies on the product page.

(Via Toys N Bricks and LEGO.com)

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