New BrickTW Armor and Body Wear

BrickTW has started to post pictures of their new line-up of armor and body wear on their Flickr stream. This is a great sign that they will be ready to sell by this Friday. Yes, BrickTW has a particular interest in Asian historical themes, but they have a lot of innovative items too.

Disappointed that the Series 3 Sumo Wrestler is more flat and less fat? Check out their Zhu Bajie body part. Wishing your female figs had more curves? They have a series of female clothing to fix that too. Do you wish your Samurai Warrior could have an actual skirt and not just a print one? Done.

You can see all of the pics of upcoming items on the BrickTW Flickr stream. Also, don't forget to check out their BrickLink store this weekend when these items go on sale.

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