LEGO Star Wars Minifig Wish Lists Announced

Somehow Ace at FBTB.net slipped this by me yesterday (and by 'slipped by' I mean showed it in plain sight for all to see), but they are reporting on the minifigs fans requested for future LEGO Star Wars sets. You can check out the top 25 selections here. A lot of good stuff across the original trilogy, pre-quals, Clone Wars, and expanded universe. My favorite? Grand Admiral Thrawn (he just barely made the top ten).

A few of these selections I think you are almost guaranteed to see it future sets, like Quinlan Vos (he was mysteriously dropped from the T6 Jedi Shuttle) and Oola (come on LEGO has to use that Twi'lek head piece for other sets). Padme/Amadala and the Max Rebo band were pretty popular as well.

I believe these were requested with the intention of sharing with TLG, but only time will tell who will make an future appearance.

Hey, LEGO! There's nothing that says a Star Wars series of Collectible Minifigures isn't a possibility too...

(Via FBTB.net)

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  1. I think they actually can't do Star Wars series of Collectible Minifigures because that would infringe on the action figure license sold to Kenner (or whatever company Kenner became).

    What they can do is make more 'Battle pack' sets (which still fit under the construction toy license) and that's what I'd love to see happen. I love minifig but like most I'm unwilling to throw down $100+ for less then 3 figs.