LEGO Space Minifigure Revealed

Well, sort of...If you saw some of the unauthorized 2011 catalog photos that had been circulating a few weeks back, you were have likely to see this minifigure in the new City-themed Space sets. It sounds like the sets will have a connection with NASA, although I don't know if that connection is direct (NASA logos appearing on figs and in sets) or just through PR activities. According to the press release (link below) the partnership between NASA and LEGO will be for the duration of three years.

Speaking of PR activities, there are a series of activities planned in conjunction with recent Space Shuttle missions and at the International Space Station. You can read more about it here.

You can also see the countdown to 'launch' for the new Space theme at the new microsite. The official release date is March 1st.


  1. Also the theme for BrickFair 2011 is NASA. :D

    Which BTW you should consider attending.


  2. Yes, I have been strongly considering taking the 'mobile' command center to a con this year. BrickFair is in the running...