BrickForge Update

Thanks to Omi, I'm now aware of some additional findings at BrickForge today...

There's 'gold' in them thar store...a new gold color that is. No pics yet, aside what I've seen in the BrickForge forums. Omi suggests that new colors for existing items are appearing too, although I'm still trying to pin that one down.

Armothe and company have added a 'SALE' tab in the menus so you can more easily find discounted items. No more literal 'bargain hunting'.

File this last bit as 'new to me'...there are two types of decal sheets for sale. The first is for building up your Roman armies with shield, armor, and toga decals. The second appears to be a grab bag of different decals for various items and themes. I say 'new to me' as these are listed at $3 USD down from $5..and I've not seem them before.
I don't know if this will be the last of the additions. As I've said before, BF appears to be quietly rolling these out
without a big fanfare.

Check all these new items out at the BrickForge store today!

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  1. Usually when I say new colors I mean "existing colors for items that didn't have that color". Like the centaur body being in dark bley when it wasn't before or yeah. :P

    For someone who may be new to the site, it won't phase them, but for someone who has been shopping for a long time would know what I mean.