BrickForge Customization Contest: "It's Showtime"

Omicron and the BrickForge forums are hosting a customization competition now until December 15th. The theme is a customized minifigure based on a movie character. There are a few 'rules', however...
  • The minifig must incorporate a BrickForge element
  • Only one minifig per entry, but two entries per person
  • Movies based off of video games are not allowed (that was last month's challenge)
  • Licensed LEGO themes are not allowed (i.e. Star Wars, Harry Potter, Prince of Persia, Indiana Jones, etc.)
  • Minifig cannot have appeared on the BrickForge forums before
The prize? The winner gets a rare, dark blue set of Space Marine Armor and MegaGun (shown above), while runner-up gets a choice of one of the three (helmet, armor, or gun).

The full details can be found on the BrickForge forums.

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