Attention Arealight Customers

Just passing along a bit of information from Arealight. If you purchased a Commander Helmet or Commando Helmet in black from Arealight before 11/7/10, please check to see if  the head stud is missing. There have been reports of some of these items going out to customers.

Not to worry Bluce is happy to correct the mistake, just contact him via the shop and he'll send you a replacement. If you would like more information you can check out the original post on Flickr.

Do remember that mistakes happen, it's how people handle those issues once they arise. I think Arealight is handling this both quickly and professionally. And how mad can you be with that minifig head smiling up at you?

I purchased a set of the new sci-fi helmets and received them earlier this week. I saw nothing but quality from these pieces. Don't believe me? Well guess what the next product review is based on...

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