White Bobas Seen in Oz

Austrailian LEGO Star Wars fans rejoice, Brickset is reporting that Toyworld is offering a free white Boba Fett promotional minifigure when you purchase select LEGO Star Wars sets. I believe this is the first time that this minifigure has been available in Austrailia through retail channels. It is unknown how many of these figures will be available, so take action when you can. My research suggested that only 10,000 of the figures were originally produced, but given the fact that they continue to show up across the globe as promotional items leads me to believe there may have been (at least) a second production run. Visit Brickset or the Toyworld website for more details on this recent promotion.

A fun fact for you Star Wars aficionados out there. After reading the book The Making of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, I discovered that not only did Boba Fett appear white in Ralph McQuarrie's initial concept drawings, but it was originally intended to be a new breed of super-stormtrooper. The design was re-purposed for Boba  after the super-stormtrooper idea was scrapped!

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  1. Well not all that great really only some of the Toyworlds are participating in the promotion and being independent stores there located out in small towns away from the major cities and I have read that there were only allocated 4 to each store I rang Lego Australia when I first read about this to find out more and if any other retailers closer to major cities at a later date will be getting them but couldn’t give me a answer but at this stage it looks like this is the only place it’s going to be offer “pretty piss pore if you ask me” and I told the person that I spoke to from Lego Australia that to! I also requested to pass on to Lego Australia that if Toysworld want to have exclusive promotions they should have stores in the major city areas and try and compete with the larger Stores like Toys R Us or Lego should at least let solely owned independent stores like Uncle Pete’s and others that are in major cities to have the opportunity to have the promotion as well. But in saying all this it’s possibly the small allocated number of Boba that Lego Australia got is the reason why Toyworld got this promotion, which is a really shame if you ask me.