TRU Bricktober Concludes (CAN/US)

My coverage of the Toys R Us Bricktober promotions have been nearly non-existent. I mentioned the first week of the promotion before I left and was then out for two of the subsequent weeks. This weekend kicks off the final for this promotion in the US and Canada.

If you would like to see the details of the various sales and offers this week I would recommend Toys N Bricks, who I often turn to for LEGO sales information in North America. They currently have the Canadian sales info up and will likely have the US details up later today.

What is of more interest to me are the vintage minifigure magnets that have been available each week. You are eligible to take one of these home if you spend $20 in the US and $35 in Canada (while supplies last, of course). This week's offering is a LEGO Castle Black Falcon knight. The past offers have been for a LEGO City Fire Chief, a Western Cavalry Colonel, and a Pirates Imperial Soldier.

The offer is available at the TRU website and in stores. Do pay attention to how deals stack online. If I recall correctly, the free minifig offer may not combine with other deals and require additional purchases to take advantage of both.

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  1. My younger brother got the Fire Chief. Its a cool fig but, Toys R Us is overpriced. (They had a collectable minifig for $5.00)