Tiny Tactical is Crazy

...like a fox. Steve has been rolling out the coming attractions, and most, if not all, of the recent additions are outstanding add-ons for existing BrickArms or Si-Dan weapons.

The first new items are these three selections of silencers that are compatible with the BrickArms M4 Carbine.

Then he flashes us a look at these shotgun accessories that work with shotguns from both BrickArms and Si-Dan.

This man must be stopped, folks. My wallet can't take it! Just when you think he's done, he's 'threatened' to show us even more product very soon. The horror, the horror...

You know Mr. Chapman must be loving Steve right now. In economic terms these are complimentary goods - you can't really have these accessories without a BA weapon (and vice versa).

(Via Tiny Tactical Flickr stream)

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