Scenes from a LEGO Store: Double VIP, Harry Potter, New Magnets

I just got back from my local LEGO Store which was relatively busy and doing a brisk business in LEGO Harry Potter, which officially launched today. I personally picked up The Burrows, Dobby's Release, and a magnet set. That's right one of the new magnet sets!

Both of the Harry Potter magnet sets (852982 and 852983) were available for sale. The store clerk also told me that the new Star Wars magnet set (853037) featuring Clone Wars Anakin, Senate Commando, and Ashoka also came in, but an enterprising young man came in a bought them all up. No LEGO Store near you? Never fear, citizen, because these items are now at Shop at Home!

Not only does LEGO Shop at Home have LEGO Harry Potter, but it also has the new Tower Bridge set, a new volley of Series 2 Collectible Minifigures, the advent calendars, the list goes on and on. You are very likely to find something to suit your tastes! Plus all through the month of October, you get double VIP points on all LEGO purchases. This amounts, roughly, to getting 10% on all purchases made on LEGO.com or at LEGO Stores across the country.

If you do plan on making a purchase at LEGO Shop at Home, I so ask you link through our site. Because we are a LEGO affiliate we  get a small commission on sales from visits that originate here. All you have to do is click the LEGO banner at the top before heading to LEGO.com or you can click through to LEGO Shop at Home here. Place your order and that's it! The money we gain from programs like these go right back into building new features and content, and all it costs you is a quick trip here beforehand before making that purchase. It's that easy! So why are you still reading this. Head on over to LEGO Shop at Home today.

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