Quick Hits: While You Were Out

>initiate Cygnetron 3000 auto blogging system...
>...command?...Cygnetron 3000 shutdown...password?...
>...password confirmed..returning control to human overlords...ha...ha...ha...

Very funny Cygnetron. Remind me to update your humor AI chip next time I'm out. That's the last time I purchase an 'auto blogging system' on Woot!

Greetings citizens! I'm now in the process of getting up to speed now that I'm back from vacation. In the grand tradition of cramming a lot of information into one bite-sized post, I give you 'Quick Hits - While You Were Out' edition...

As I'm sure you all know by now, LEGO.com updated their website recently. With that came new mini-sites for NinjaGO and Pharaoh's Quest. The NinjaGO site appears to have content that will unlock over time, while the Pharaoh's Quest teaser unveils itself in a similar fashion to what was used when the Atlantis line first launched. Both lines have strong custom potential. I'm also now convinced that JasBrick is a minifig designer for TLG, unbeknownst to him. Thanks to Brickset for getting me up to speed.

Bricktober is in full swing at Toys R Us. Not only are there great deals each week on LEGO items, there's a new vintage minifigure magnet available for LEGO purchases above $20 USD. We are now in week three and the minifig magnet this week is a City Fire Chief (picture via Toys N Bricks). Like other LEGO magnets, the figure can be removed from the base. If shopping online, be careful on how the various deals 'stack'. Brickset reports that the minifig promo and the BOGO 50% off deal may not 'play nice' together.

Nannan Z. has kicked off the 2010 Creations for Charity event in support of Toys for Tots. The various LEGO creations donated will be auctioned off to raise money for this worthy cause. It would be fantastic to see a good turnout from the custom minifig community. Click through to the link above for more details.

In customization news, Tin_7 was on a roll recently with new designs for his Last Airbender series and new Iron Man customs. Lots of great stuff to peruse and admire. Justin puts in a lot of effort into his work and it shows. He also has some fantastic designs for Quidditch uniform decals for houses other than Gryffindor and Slytherin.

Legoagogo was recently honored with a post on The Brothers Brick for his vignette focused on a Stormtrooper's wardrobe dilemma. Mark continues to 'wow' by combining great composition and lighting with wit and humor. Case in point? Take a look at his alternate view of the closing scene from Empire Strikes Back.

Before the break, I mysteriously mentioned 'the triumphant return of a familiar custom house'. The 'custom house' in question is Amazing Armory Ltd. and customizers like JasBrick and Pedro have been giving us a taste of what's to come. I've been talking with Hazel Tam, who heads up this outfit, and I'm happy to say that what he's shared with me about plans for the future are sure to astonish. All I can say for now is that these items will be available very soon, and you can purchase yours at United Armory and FireStar Toys (link above), to name a few.

Tiny Tactical has been on a roll recently. Not only have their latest products like the Panzerschreck, Handy Talkies, and TL-122 flashlights been selling out, they have recently announced even more new and innovative products. The new stuff includes a M9A1 anti-tank rifle grenade that works with a BrickArms M1 Garand Rifle, a minifig-scale wristwatch, and a cricket signal device. Pictures of the forthcoming items can be seen on Flickr. You can also visit the Tiny Tactical BrickLink store today.

There's a lot more to see from the past week on my Flickr favorites. I'm still working on catching up on all the great stuff out there. Apologies if I missed something in the process. I'll also be posting some new pics soon of recent BrickForge and TT deliveries.

That's all for now, citizens. Back to getting this show on the road...

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