Quick Hits: Cobra, The Weasleys, and Tiny Tactical

I came across a couple of things on Flickr I thought I'd share. The first is this concept for a Cobra Trooper from Roaglaan. A blue BrickArms Stahlhelm is a key piece in this concept, that and Roaglaan's decals, of course. It looks like Roaglann will have to paint one as blue isn't a currently option. Maybe Will and Badger can revisit their inner 'children of the 80s' and see to adding this color to future production runs.

The other nice piece are some blending of current and future TLG minifigs and custom pieces to bring the entire Weasley clan to minifigure form. Justin (aka Tin_7) really has some nice pieces for representing the three 'lost' Weasley boys, Bill, Charlie, and Percy. I'd argue that Fluer Delacour (Bill's wife) would round things out, but then you'd also have to add a few others due to marriage too [SPOILER ALERT]. Let's just say this is the 'immediate family'.

One last TT update before we go...I just saw on the Tiny Tactical BrickLink page that Steve will reopen today at 12:00 PST, and new items will be included. Only a couple more hours to go...

(Via Roaglaan and Tin_7's Flickr streams)

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