New Item at United Armory

Pedro has a new item in at United Armory, the Jin Roh Waist Armor. Made of soft plastic this part moves with your minifig. The item can be painted to match any armored concept you might be working on. (EDIT: As Jas points out in the comments, these flexible parts don't take paint well. Apologies for the confusion.) Given my recent fascination with Halo, I could see this complimenting a SPARTAN in sand green.

If you are in the US or Canada, you can visit United Armory on BrickLink to pick up a few of your own.


  1. I would not advise painting on soft plastic... the paint will just crack and look nasty. You can do things to make it possible to paint, however then it loses its main feature, which is fexibility.


  2. Pardon my incompetence, but who is the part made by?

  3. @Daniel - Hazel Tam and Amazing Armory Ltd. There will be more forthcoming here on the blog about this custom house, but you can buy official Amazing Armory Ltd. products today at Firestar Toys (UK) and United Armory (US/Canada).