New Elements in 2011 LEGO City Sets

Brickset reported earlier today that ToysRUs.com has some pics of the 2011 LEGO City police sets. Big deal, right? Well...

As you can see from the picture of set 7279, LEGO City Police Minifigure Collection, there are some new elements of interest including crowbars, a backpack that can hold items, a flashlight, and a dog with print resembling a German Shepherd. All this for $9.99 USD. Not so 'meh' after all. Nice to see TLG extending the idea of 'minifigure packs' into other lines.

If you would like to see more, then head on over to Brickset or ToysRUs.com.


  1. Wow not just a crowbar but a -red- crowbar? Armothe will be "pleased" about this. :P


  2. Flashlight may be a lightsaber hilt with a 1x1 round plate on the end.

  3. @Anon - You are right. I saw these at the LEGO Store on Friday. I believe it's the Pirates telescope piece with a 1x1 trans yellow stud on top.

  4. this set is great i love the dog