How Do You Like Us Now?

I've been wanting to redesign the look of the site for some time. I had a feeling many elements were being lost in the sidebar where they were often overlooked. As a result I've moved much of these key aspects of the site to the top where separate pages now exist for each. 

I plan on creating a 'customization resources' page, but until then you can find the links in the sidebar.

I have also a linked slide show to 'my favorites' on Flickr.  So you don't have to leave the site to check out all of the goodness in that neck of the woods.

As with any change there may be issues, and I"ll likely be tweaking a few things here and there. If you have any problems using or interfacing with the new design please let me know. Suggestions are always welcome, but I don't do requests...or windows.

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  1. Flickr favorites doesnt seem to work for me.

    Also (a suggestion) you need some contrast like your original design. This is beginning to hurt my eyes. I liked the old design because of the warmer colors but I understand what the need for the change.

  2. @eclipse

    Is it the white on black text or just the attack of white on the senses?

    I'll have to look into the Flickr thing.


  3. Eww, did all the color drain out of the site? o_O

    My first reaction on visiting today was that I must've hit the wrong bookmark and ended up on someone's domain placeholder page instead... I miss the saturated colors of the old verison; there's nothing now except for the navigation that feels remotely like a LEGO site.

    Honest opinion? The navigation's nice, but it's hard to appreciate with such a cold, sterile design otherwise.

  4. Two votes for more color...

  5. Looking alot better. And sorry I didn't receive a notice that there was a response here... should it have sent me something? O.o