UD Now an Official LEGO Affiliate

The Ugly Duckling is now an affiliate of LEGO through LinkShare! What does that mean? We'll you will notice we now have a banner ad in the top-right sidebar next to FireStar Toys (who we are also an affiliate with). The way it works is we receive a commission from TLG if you click through to LEGO.com via our site and then make a purchase. If you were already planning on making a purchase with LEGO, then this is a great way to help 'The Duck' grow.

I am, by no means, planning on retiring off of this. I do promise to use the funds to help improve our features and content. So if you appreciate the content from the site, you can help us out by adding just one quick stop here before shopping at LEGO.com. Speaking of which...

You can still pre-order the new LEGO Harry Potter sets which are scheduled to ship on or around October 1st. If you plan on waiting, you may want to sign up for a LEGO VIP card. To celebrate the launch of the LEGO Universe Online game they are offering double rewards points to all VIP members in the US! Based on their points system, this amounts to around 10% back on all purchases at LEGO.com or LEGO stores.

Since we've already mentioned our other affiliate, UK based FireStar Toys is still offering 5% off your order with no minimum spend level. Click through to their site, make a purchase, and enter the voucher code 'wg88977' to take advantage of this offer. Given their recent supply of Series 2 Collectible Minifigures and other cool custom minifig accessories from houses like  BrickArms, Amazing Armory,and Little Arms Shop , there's a lot to choose from.

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