Toys R Us Bricktober is Back (CAN/US)

Combining some sales info from both Toys N Bricks and FBTB.net leads to some interesting possibilities come this weekend at Toys R Us.

First up, it would seem that Toys R Us in Canada is bringing back the 'Bricktober' promotion come this Friday. There are two promo offers up for grabs...
  • Get a FREE 30050 MINI Republic Attack Shuttle with any LEGO Star Wars purchase of $35 or more. Offer good while supplies last.
  • Get a FREE LEGO minifigure with any LEGO purchase of $35 or more. Offer good while supplies last.
As FBTB.net mentions it is not known if these deals stack, or if you have to pick one. The free minifigure appears to be from the Pirates line according to the flyer. If the promotion stays true to form from last year, there may be a different minifig up for grabs each week.

There is no confirmation if 'Bricktober' will be coming to the US. This may be announced later this week, as the Canadian deals often go into effect on Fridays while they often start on Sundays in the US.

Over on Toys N Bricks, they've announced that Toys R Us in the US has taken an additional 25% off certain clearance items in store. This deal can stack with the Star Wars offer where you get a $10 gift card for a $50 purchase or a $5 gift card for a $30 purchase. Not only that, you can get a coupon code at Toys N Bricks for $5 off any purchase over $25. If you stack all of these deals together, the savings add up.

Also keep in mind that LEGO Harry Potter is likely to release this Friday in retail outlets across the country. If you are looking to get any of the great minifigures from this series, these deals can only help!

(Via FBTB.net and Toys N Bricks)

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