Series 2 Roll Out: Canada and UK (London)

Toys N Bricks is reporting the Canadian Toys R Us stores are now receiving the Series 2 Collectible Minifigures. Unlike the US, Wal-Mart was the one of the first retailers to get the sets in up north; however, they appear to have largely sold out. TRU may be one of your last opportunities to score some of these items outside of the secondary market.

Huw from Brickset was in London earlier in the week and did some 'hunting' in his spare time. It would seem that the best bet for Londoners may be John Lewis on Oxford Street. Dozens of boxes were out on the shelves, allowing you to peruse the secondary barcodes and find what you need. Don't dawdle, however. Huw found that someone had already claimed all of the Spartan Warriors from several of the boxes!

Links to the original articles can be found below.

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