Quick Hits: The Road to STEAM and BrickCon

Just when I think Tuesday's are the big day for news....nothin'! We'll that's not exactly true, there are a few bits of news floating around on the interwebs today...

As I'm sure every LEGO fan in the Western Hemisphere is aware, BrickCon (Seattle, US) and The Great Western LEGO Show (Swindon, UK) are both this weekend. Friends of 'The Duck' JasBrick and Tac will both be presenting at Swindon. JasBrick has been sharing the many, many custom minifigs he's created for the event on his Flickr stream and around the community. I personally can't wait to see them all. He's also promised to debut some new, top-secret BrickArms prototypes with some of his figs. Best of luck to both Jas and Tac this weekend!

Conventions always mean new stuff from the custom houses. BrickArms plans to have several, never before seen prototypes at BrickCon this weekend. The M3 Grease Gun and Flamethrower may make an appearance, as well as the Z5E Pod Gun and Chakram. Given all the testing Will has done with camo patterns using his solvent inkjet printer, it wouldn't surprise me if those made an appearance too. Throw in the Medic and loose WWII US Soldier and there will definately be some empty pockets departing Sea-Tac come the end of the show. Minifig for Life, the official UK reseller of BrickArms, will be at STEAM, but no word yet as if some of these prototype products will be available. BrickForge will also be selling at BrickCon.

Not really news, more hope and anticipation...I'm hoping that both shows will have announcements regarding the new 2011 sets, especially LEGO Star Wars and Series 3 Collectible Minifigures. Given the leaks online of all the set pics, it would seem to behoove TLG to get the official pics out to the public. With only a couple more months until January 2011, I can't imagine the competitive impact would be all that great. I'm completely unbiased by the by. It's not like I've been working on the guide updates or anything...

In custom house news, Tiny Tactical sold out of their panzerschreks, handy talkies, and TL-122 flashlights. The handy talkies and flashlights sold out in two days! Steve promises more stock by the end of this week.

We should have a new product review to debut tomorrow. I'm finalizing the current drafts now for the BrickForge instrument collection. Once I've finished this round, we'll be moving away from BrickForge reviews...because I have Tiny Tactical product on order! It may be a while before those show, because...

...'The Duck' is going on haitus for the next two weeks. Why?! We'll I'm taking some time off and will be doing some traveling (I've also been told, under threat of death, that there will be no blogging while on holiday). I've given Cygnetron 3000 a tune up in anticipation of some automated posts while I'm out, but a lot of that will depend upon what happens this weekend. Regardless, I'll send out a post before I go about all the awesome stuff that's planned to go down while I'm out.

That's all for now, citizens. Here's to hoping this weekend will be big. All the best to those participating at BrickCon and The Great Western LEGO Show!

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