Quick Hits: It's Official, Tuesdays are Big

Based on a scientific sample of one (namely me) I've discovered that Tuesdays have become big days for new news in Minifig Nation. But enough about me, let's get to the good stuff...

First up to bat, we have news of three new 3-in-1 Star Wars packs likely to be available soon in the European market. According to Toys N Bricks, set 66368 is showcased around the hard to find Luke's Landspeeder and the two Hoth based battle packs, while sets 66364 and 66366 are all Hoth focused. Lots of minifigs to be had in each set. No news yet on when these will be available or price (full article).

Hot off the heels of Tiny Tactical's announcement of a flamethrower prototype, BrickArms shows their prototype off as well. Not only that, but Will has some pics of a M3 grease guy prototype that will be available to contributors of the Operation Bricklord collaborative display at the BrickCon. More at BrickArms Flickr stream.

Not to be outdone, Tiny Tactical has some new product soon to be ready for sale. These are detail parts for the BrickArms LMG including an E145 Weapon Sight, M240 Box Magazine, and a M249 Box Magazine. Note that the gun itself is only available through BrickArms, its the modular add-ons that are through Tiny Tactical. Soon to be available at the Tiny Tactical BrickLink store later this week. More pics at Tiny Tactical's Flickr stream.

There's a lot more than I have time to detail now, but if you want the latest and greatest, head on over to 'my favorites' on Flickr. Anyone can view at any time. Also, if you have a Flickr account and would like to let us know when your minifig creations are hot off the photo press, request to be a contact.

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