Quick Hits: BrickArms, Family Bricks, Series 2, and New Reviews

I'm finding that Tuesdays are often the busiest...Several items to update you on, so here...we...go-o-o-o-o!

BrickArms had a double announcement today. First up is BrickCon news. Will and company will be offering the US WWII Soldier custom minifig with helmet, stand, and two weapons for $15 USD at the BrickCon booth. No details as to if this promotion will be for sale on the site.

BrickArms also launched a series of new custom accessories today! Titled 'Reach for the Past...and Future!' these 14 new accessories are now available to purchase at the BrickArms store. Not in the US? Worry not as I'm sure FireStar Toys will pick up these items and place them for sale in the near future.

I was right. Family Bricks review of the BrickArms Chrome weapons pack has now appeared on the Toys N Bricks website.

Family Bricks has also launched his own website where he sells his custom minifigures. Several designs are varying price points are currently available. He has also launched a Flickr project called '365x7' where he will debut a custom minifigure each day for the next year. He encourages you to do the same...

Brickset is claiming the Series 2 Collectible Minifigures are showing up at US Wal-Mart stores. The sighting was in the LEGO aisle in Arlington, TX if you are keeping score. No word on any other sightings across the country.

Finally, we will have another product review comparing the LEGO Spartan arsenal to that of BrickForge starting tomorrow. Taking place over three days we compare the Corinthian hoplite helmet, shield, and spear. Come back tomorrow and check it out!

UPDATE: Australia, Series 2 Collectible Minifigures are now showing up in Target stores. Bricks Down Under reports the first sighting occurred at Target Highpoint. The 20% off sale applies to these products too.

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