Product Review: BrickForge Centaurs

Colors shown - Reddish Brown (left) and Dark Tan (left)
This is a first in a series of reviews highlighting the new 2010 products from BrickForge. Today we focus on one of the most anticipated items coming out of this custom house, Centaurs.

The product is in fact the lower torso of a Centaur that can be added to any LEGO minifigure torso assembly. Currently BrickForge offers these items in three colors - tan, dark tan, and reddish brown. Additional colors are planned for the future.

BrickForge Centaur - 360 View (click to enlarge)
The footprint of this piece is 2 studs in width and 5 studs in length. The feet have a snug and firm connection to other LEGO studs, and there are two additional connections on the Centaur's back.

The first connection point is for the minifigure torso assembly and resembles the posts found on most TLG hips. The second set of connections are spaced similarly to a 1x2 plate and allow for other minifigures to sit on top, or for accessories like quivers or scabbards to be attached. Unlike a standard LEGO horse, traditional saddle pieces will not work with this animal. All connections were found to be snug and fit standard LEGO parts well.

Centaur Attachment Points (click to enlarge)
There were a couple of minor issues found with this piece. First, because the font, left foot is in a lifted position, the figure can become unbalanced if heavy accessories are held in the left hand in the extended position. This is only an issue, of course, if the centaur is not attached to a LEGO base plate or some other construction with studs.

The second issue pertains to accessory use. I found that some of the longer accessories typically designed for the back of a minifigure (i.e. quivers), would not fit because of the placement of the Centaur body. This is fixed by placing the quiver on the stud attachments found on the back of the Centaur instead (as shown above). One thing to keep in mind is that you may only be able to place accessories, like the quiver, on one side only unless you modify the piece. There is a slight overlap with the two quivers I had that prevented both 'neck braces' from lying flush against the Centaur body. This is easily fixed with a little sand paper, however.

Overall this is a fantastic product. It extends the line-up of Fantasy characters available for MOCs in the LEGO Castle/Kingdoms/or Harry Potter universes. Construction was solid and the issues found were very minor and easily fixed. These pieces were also found to interact well with official TLG products. A recommended buy.

Additional Stats
Custom House:BrickForge
Location:United States
International Shipping:Yes (details)
Colors Available:Tan, Dark Tan, and Reddish Brown
Retail Price:$4.00 USD

UPDATE: One item of note. The BrickForge backpack, a new item for 2010, works quite well with this design. There are no issues will placement on the minifigure's back and still allows clearance for placement of additional accessories on the back studs. A more in-depth review of the backpack will take place in the near future.

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  1. This would go TERRIFIC with some of my sets!