News from Arealight and Tiny Tactical

 Some new product news from both Arealight and Tiny Tactical. Arealight has been showing around some of the new parts they've been working on for the Star Wars universe. The shot above is for a series of new helmet designs in ABS plastic. Shown here in black, I'm certain there be some options on color. Not only is Arealight working on getting these items into production, but they also have a modular 'Boba Fett' style jetpack with interchangable missles and connections for flames, as well as new visors. No dates or prices yet. Once we hear of these going on sale we will let you know.

Earlier in the week we let you know about Tiny Tactical's new flamethrower prototype and modular pieces for the BrickArms LMG. There were a couple of items we missed, however. Take a look (above) at their 'Handy Talkie' handset and Army flashlight. Both are designed to slide into the minifigures hand, and, no, the flashlight doesn't actually light up (I asked). There's also an OD green tactical vest which can be seen here. The good news is that the radio, flashlight, vest, and modular gun parts are on Tiny Tactical's BrickLink store right now. Supplies are limited so head on over when you get a chance.

(Via Arealight and Tiny Tactical's Flickr streams)

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