New Reviews from Family Bricks

It would seem that Family Bricks will be sharing a review of the BrickArms Chrome Weapons packs very soon. Although not confirmed, I would expect this to debut on the Toys N Bricks Customizer's Corner where FB's interview with Will Chapman premiered a week or so ago.

In preparation for the review, FB has prepped several custom minifigs to help showcase these items. I personally liked this rendition of one of The Three Amigos (pictured). You can check out the rest of the models on Family Bricks' Flickr stream (link below).

If you can't wait for the review, you can always pick up your own BA Chrome Weapons pack by visiting BrickArms (the modern and blade packs are currently available; US only) or FireStar Toys, where you can get several BrickArms chrome weapons shipped worldwide.

(Via Family Bricks Flickr stream)

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