New HP and Star Wars Magents/Key Chains

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Originally seen on A Modular Life, the Singapore LEGO blog has pics of some new Harry Potter and Star Wars magnet sets and key chains. This has since been added to the Brickset database by Huw, so you know it's official now...

We knew magnet set 853037 featuring Anakin, Ashoka, and a Senate Commando was coming. There are also key chains featuring Anakin, the Commando, and a Clone Pilot, as well.

The surprise for me were the Harry Potter magnet sets featuring the new minfigs! Set 852982 features Harry in Quidditch uniform, Dumbledore, and Hermione in Hogwarts uniform, while set 852983 contains Harry and Draco in Hogwarts uniforms plus Professor Snape. I'll be interested to see if these figures have the dual-sided heads or not. These could be a good opportunity to get the new Dumbledore and Snape figs without having to buy a $120 set!

A few HP key chains are included as well. As we get more details, or better pics, we'll let you know. We'll also let you know when these hit Shop at Home.

(Via A Modular Life and Brickset)

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