Limited Edition Items from BrickForge

The folks at BrickForge have a run of several limited edition items now for sale on their store. They include berets, scooters, and mushrooms in orange and tan. There are also scooters with flame and flower prints and glow-in-the-dark mushrooms.

The personal standouts for me are the tan berets and glowing mushrooms. I guessing by the product array that berets, mushrooms, and scooters are on the same mold. Does that mean there's a cadre of glowing berets and scooters out there somewhere?!

One final bit of separate, but related news...a few weeks ago BrickForge announced, via Twitter, that they wouldn't be at BrickCon in October. Well it seems that rumor was greatly exaggerated, as BrickForge will be selling at the con. I can't wait to hear what might be available for fans in Seattle.

(Via BrickForge)

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