LEGO Harry Potter Minifig Poster

I came across this on the blog A Modular Life and there weren't a lot of details. Supposedly you can link to a pdf of this LEGO Harry Potter minifigure poster on Amazon.com. The images are different from those that appear on the microsite - still rendered images (i.e. not the actual minifigures) just in different poses. The set numbers each minifig appears in are located under the figure's name.

I've done some 'patch work' on the guide as it's become clear that the earlier, hi-res pics I used didn't always depict the final product as shown in the Fall 2010 catalog. Argus Filch was probably the biggest offender (is his hair different again?!). Nevertheless, I'll be trying to find better photographs as they become available.

(Via A Modular Life)

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