Exobrick's Samurai and Planet of Hoth

Exobrick has posted this great samurai custom on his Flickr stream. Utilizing a collection of parts from Si-Dan Toys and a LEGO Batman Bane minifigure head, the parts combination is quite nice.

The cloth accessories are wonderful and come from a shop called Planet of Hoth. Planet is an UK based eBay store specializing in LEGO Star Wars minifigures. These are the minifigs you wish came with the sets! The official figures are often 'plussed' with glow-in-dark lightsaber blades and cloth accessories like this Plo Koon figure (pictured).

I hope to learn more about Planet of Hoth and will pass along any relevant information.

(Via Exobrick's Flickr stream and Planet of Hoth)

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  1. Wow these are amazing!! I can't believe the cloth on Plo Koon. He looks like what he does in the movie. Very impressed.