Eurobricks Cosplay Custom Minifigure Contest

This contest, sponsored by the Minifig Customization Forum on Eurobricks, is a little...different (so bear with me).

'Cosplay' or 'costume play' is a popular past time at conventions where attendees dress up as their favorite video game, comic book, or Star Wars character. Sometimes the results are kinda cool and sometimes they are not. Nevertheless, the folks are holding a contest whereby you design a 'cosplay' custom minifigure in both costume and real life. The rules are a little convoluted, so I would highly recommend reading them here.

What's up for grabs? A whole mess of BrickArms gear so massive, they had to give it a separate post.

Don't dawdle, you have until October 20th, 2010 to submit you entries, just in time for Halloween. Good luck!

(Via Eurobricks)

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