BrickArms for BrickCon 2010

BrickArms has posted pics of a World War II medic custom minifig using print and decal techniques. Further experimenting with his solvent inkjet printer, Will has been printing on white versions of the Stahlhelm and vinyl to create this piece. Throw in some chromed medical tools and a case and he's good to go. Will hints that a limited selection of these will be for sale at BrickCon in a few weeks.

In other solvent inkjet news...some experimentation has created this camouflage effect on a selection of BrickArms guns. A nice effect overall. No word on if any of these items will be available at BrickCon or not.

I don't know why, but I just picture Will in his basement with a giant Tesla coil arcing electricity in the background while he experiments.

(Via BrickArms Flickr stream)

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