Alex Eylar's Series 2 Historical Figures

Alex Eylar (AKA Profound Whatever) has been playing with some of the parts from the Series 2 Collectible Minifigures to create minifig versions of Lenny Bruce and Jimi Hendrix.The figures were a gift from Nannan, likely a 'thank you' for the interview featured recently on The Brothers Brick.

Alex is really a master storyteller using LEGO as one of his many mediums. A prolific builder, often known for his lighting techniques, he incorporates custom minifigures into brick-built pieces effortlessly. His lighting techniques are that much more impressive once you realize he doesn't often use expensive, high-end equipment or photoshop. Many of his tools of the trade are likely in your home right now.

I highly recommend perusing through his Flickr stream, whenever you have the time. You won't be disappointed.

(Via Profound Whatever's Flickr stream)

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