2011 Set Rumors: Atlantis and Pharaoh's Quest

So I've been seeing some interesting images on the interwebs recently regarding the new LEGO sets for 2011. Atlantis will be back next year as our intrepid explorers continue to seek the lost underwater city. There are some images of a 'man crab' minifig that look quite nice. One of the more interesting features are claw appendages that open and close, but fit in the arms like a standard minifigure hand. I'm guessing this gent, as well as some of the other beasties from Atlantis, may 'reappear' in the Pirates of the Caribbean line as part of Davy Jones' crew.

The next set of rumored pics are for a series called Pharaoh's Quest, which seems to me like Atlantis only set in the desert. Lots of cool minifig parts rumored for these sets, including Anubis heads, khopesh swords, scarab shields, scepters (but not the snake scepter as seen with the Series 2 Pharaoh), and interesting headdresses.

Any way you cut it, I think 2011 is shaping up to be another big year for TLG.

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  1. The adventure sets are chock full of great pieces.