Troopers and Aliens and Toys, Oh My!

Toys N Bricks is reporting that Toys R Us (US) will be giving away the Chrome Stormtrooper and Toy Story Alien Spaceship polybags with eligible purchases.

Fliers are arriving in mailboxes now that provide details. The Alien polybag is free with any LEGO Toy Story 3 purchase. The chrome Stormtrooper is free with any LEGO Star Wars purchase. Quantities are limited - first come first serve. The promotion goes through August 29th, but don't expect these figures to last long.

We have seen pictures of the Alien polybag for sale at Toys R Us stores, so you might be able to purchase these individually. You may want to check online, as well, come Friday. Last time, the chrome Stormtrooper appeared at TRU.com for individual sale, but it went fast!

(Via Toys N Bricks)

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