Steampunk Aliens vs. Predator

There is still time to submit entries to the Deadliest LEGO Warrior contest which wraps up September 1st. Submissions are starting to show up online like this vignette from Family Bricks.

Not satisfied with a simple Aliens vs. Predator set-up, FB adds an additional twist and makes them steampunk variants to boot.

Family Bricks has all the right touches to make this a great creation. He's obviously developed some unique and interesting figures, he's placed them into a scene that adds to the narrative but doesn't distract, and he's provided a rich and detailed back story (see link) to tie everything together.

Not having seen the other entries, and recognizing that the battle is far from over, I think it's safe to say that FB's competition has their work cut out for them.

(Via Family Brick's Flickr stream)

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