Series 2 Roll Out - Germany and Canada

Toys N Bricks is reporting that several outlets in Germany and Canada now have the Series 2 Collectible Minifigures.

Germany has several outlets with these figures now in stock - Drogerie Müller, Galleria Kaufhof, Schlecker, Idee & Spiel, Obletter.

Wal-Mart in Canada are now putting these guys out.

Don't forget to use the bar codes in our guides, Grogall's cheat sheet, or mobile Brickset to get the guys  and gals you want.


  1. Toys R Us has them in Springfield, Illinois (or did yesterday when I bought 30) They (probably thanks to me) are now limiting them to 4 per customer.

    The barcode scanner at mobile Brickset is returning "code not found" for Series 2, still.

    Out of the 30 I purchased, I missed getting the weight lifter, the pop singer and the Spartan.

  2. @mrtwug

    I'll check with the folks at Brickset. Thanks for letting us know.