Results: Best BrickLink Stores for Minifig Parts

So earlier in the week I conducted an impromptu social experiment on the BrickLink forums. The question was simple, "Which stores are the best for minifigure parts and accessories?" I was a little disappointed with the lack of initial submissions, but after a little prodding we finally got some nominees.

The stores mentioned over the course of the exercise were as follows:
I've not bought from any of these vendors myself so, as always, 'buyer beware'.

Both Amazing Bricks and Brick-A-Thon received a couple of recommendations. After looking at all these sites, I would say that the top few for variety, price, and positive feedback are Yellow Farm Bricks (UK), Brick-A-Thon (US), Amazing Bricks (US), and The People Person (US). Next time you are looking to make some significant minifig purchases, give these vendors a look.

Thanks to all who submitted recommendations on the forums.

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