Quick Hits: United Armory, BrickForge, and LifeLites

Pedro has announced that he has a collection of new items at his BrickLink store, United Armory. A wide variety of helmets, guns, and armor all in ABS. Does this mean Hazel and Amazing Armory Ltd. are back in business?

BrickForge is unstoppable with even more product with no end in sight. The newest? Mushrooms for those forest creations! Not only that, they've produced a lot in their 'glow-in-the-dark' style. A few LifeLites and you're ready to recreate a Pandora nightscape.

Speaking of BrickForge and LifeLites, Armothe has created a little demo using The Crystal King from Power Miners and an eLite kit. BrickForge and LifeLites have also joined forces to bring you custom lamp posts that work with LifeLights LEDs. The items are not yet for sale, but do appear on the BrickForge site. Soon, you'll be able to light up those modular displays.

A lot more coming at you today. Stay tuned...

(Via Pedro-79, BrickForge, Armothe's Flickr streams)

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  1. Lamp posts are currently available at LifeLites!