New BrickArms Revealed at BrickFair

Badger is back and he's given us the full reveal of the Black Lodge Customs' Neo-Tokyo Street Punk. I have to admit I was a little disappointed in the figure itself, as it appears to be a mix of official TLG parts with little customization or modding. What it lacks there, it more than makes up for in custom accessories. The three top secret items on this bad boy are the tactical sword, heavy laser cannon, and modular viewfinder. Both the viewfinder and heavy laser cannons are compatible with other BrickArms products with the LMG slot.

Badger has also posted several pics of a prototype musket and Z-5E pod gun for your enjoyment.

Finally, we get to see the other side of that mystery mold that will be on display in DC. The mold is an abandoned prototype for a lever-action rifle. Will's new CNC machine allows BrickArms to get incredible detail on new product. It just so happened that the scale of the final design was too big for the fig'. Worry not citizens this mold was abandoned, but the rifle is not. Expect more after some further design tweaks.

(Via enigmabadger's Flickr stream)

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