More Quick Hits: LEGO Star Wars and White Boba News

A lot of news coming off the interwebs today...

This may be old hat but there's an opportunity to score a white Boba Fett minifigure if you plan on attending Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando, Florida this weekend. There will be a community mural build for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Fans who help the Master Model Builders will receive an albino Boba for their efforts. It really makes me wonder how many of these guys are left of the original 10,000 unit run, especially since they were a promotional item at LEGOLAND California last weekend. How did I know that?! Well...

There's also a fantastic review of Star Wars Days at said LEGOLAND on FBTB.net. It seems that not only did participants in the Fan Gallery receive one in their goody bags, but on Sunday albino Boba was given to vistors making a $35 purchase at the store. In addition to coverage for 'White Boba Watch 2010', they provide some great pics of Branden Griffith's Empire chess set and other MOCs provided by a a veritable 'who's who' of the AFOL community. A new LEGO Star Wars trend may have been started by Paul Meissner and Branden Griffith - Battle Tauntauns. Ace enjoyed this so much that they have officially launched it as a community build project.

Finally, there's an article on a couple of rare minifigures that made an appearance. If you've seen the book LEGO Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary you may have noticed a minifigure likeness of George Lucas. I don't know if the real Mr. Lucas attended this past weekend's event, but his minifig likeness did. It's not known how many of these figs were produced, but we can safely assume it's quite rare. Also making an appearance is the minifig droid R2-KT. Originally made to test the printing pattern of the Clone Wars R2-D2 only 50 of these pink astromech droids are known to exist!

When you get a chance I recommend heading over and reading all three articles.

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