More BrickArms - New Helms and Princess Minigun

Badger brings news of two new colors (white and tan) for the BrickArms Stahlhelm (or Steel Helmet in German). I should say 'potential' colors, as Badger is taking an informal poll on Flickr. If these items are a must have, sound off on Badger's Flickr stream.

Now I'm going to have to admit, this one threw me for a loop. The title of this second pic is 'Princess Minigun'. I initially thought the title referred to the gun itself, say a more petite version of the minigun standard. After reading through the comments, however, I see its the minifigure's name, as in 'princess with a minigun'. Sometimes its better to blog after a couple of cups of coffee.

(Via enigmabadger's Flickr stream)

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