Minifig Customization 101: Collected

Let me start this out by saying, "this is NOT my work". These are only links to the KAM forums where the articles reside. I'm only collecting these in the post for ease of navigation. The articles in each pdf are from BrickJournal magazine and brought to you by Joe Meno and BrickJoural Media. The series is titled "Minifig Customization 101".

As 'The Duck' grows and changes over time, we will be exploring different channels of the minifig universe. One of the most interesting and exciting areas I've found on my journey has been minifig customization. This is one of the three pillars by which I hope to take 'UD' into the future, the other two being official minifig coverage (i.e. the guides) and brick media (brick comics and film).

I hope you enjoy each of these articles as they are the product of a lot of time and passion from those who've contributed. As I find more customization resources over time, they will reside on the right-hand side of the blog, growing the knowledge and, hopefully, size of the community. Enjoy!

Digital Photography and Effects
(Via KAM Forums and BrickJournal)