Lovely Ladies of the Empire

Exobrick's Female Stormtrooper with MinifigMaker helm
It would appear that both Exobrick and Pedro have made recent purchases at Arealight and MinifigMaker.

First up we have Exobrick's lady friend with AreaLight torso, MinifigMaker helmet, and modded BrickArms M23 pistol. I'm not sure what is about a lady in uniform, but I'm sure Balakov shares my appreciation.

Pedro prefers his female troopers with head tails...Twi'lek head tails that is (get your head out of the gutter). This little lady is all Arealight from head to toe.

Pedro's Twi'lek Female StormtrooperI know I've voiced this time and time again, but I really think TLG should consider making a female minifig mold with curves (a la Arealight's design). I recognize that it would require a new mold and perhaps modification to production lines, but after seeing this print curves just don't do it for me anymore...erm, what I meant to say was...I better quit while I'm behind.

(Via Exobrick's and PEDRO-79's Flickr streams)

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